Thread Bear UI

Thread Bear GUI

Thread Bear UI

Thread Bear is the project I created as part of my final year at University.  

Thread Bear is visually heavy on fabric and stitching, it was important that I continued the theme in to the menu and HUD. This was the first time I had ever created a game menu or used Scaleform.  It was a great learning curve and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Help Bobby, the panda spirit, travel through each level and sew up the rips that are threatening the balance of this colourful and fragile world. Navigate through each level collecting sewing equipment as you go, the needles, thread and bobbins will be required to stitch up the rips that are appearing in the world. The balance of the fabric world hangs by a thread! Only Bobby can repair the rips and restore peace among the fabric creatures.

Created using Flash and Scaleform.